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Discover Astrology through free collective updates

or diving deeper with personal consultations

The Astro Mama Club brings to you free astrological updates weekly

through WhatsApp vocal messages (English & French versions available) 

so you get a quick & easy understanding of what is going on for us. All details below to sign up & be part of our happy community!

The Astro Mama Club gathers regularly for Astro Mama Talks

in various cities to go deeper into Astrology topics from understanding  Zodiac signs to explaining in details major yearly transits.

Follow us to be informed of all events coming up in Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam...


The Astro Mama is always happy to dive deeper into your personal Astrology through One to One consultations

Birth charts readings allow us to focus on your unique sky configuration when you were born. Amazing to get a deep understanding of YOU,

your gifts, your path, all insights to fully embrace the best version of yourself.

  Transits consultations are very helpful to check together the planets activations of a specific period for you. A Full Moon, a conjunction that may deeply impact your personal Chart. The Astro Mama Club has designed a special 30 mns consultation for you, The What's Up Mama as we feel this quick touch & go is extremely valuable for you and should be accessible to all.

Relationships readings are here to bring you better understanding of significant others in your life. Understanding through "Synastry Astrology" the main planets placements, how to communicate, relate and connect better with one another. 

Feel free to get in touch, ask anything you have in mind or directly book consultations below.

Looking forward to connecting with you. Any way you wish.

Services / Consultations



Curious about Astrology?

Join our free, weekly Astro update

through WhatsApp.

Every week, get a short vocal message

on your mobile,

Keep track of all that is going on in the skies,

with the major Astro news explained simply & joyfully for you!

Only on WhatsApp.

Only with the Astro Mama.




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"I loved my Relationship Astro reading with the Astro Mama.

The things she explained made so much sense 

& I now have tools to navigate life better!

Truly a beautiful experience, highly recommend.

Thank you."

—  Laura, Miami 




So nice to have you along!

We talk soon x

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