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Meet Sophie Ravier

Founder of the Astro Mama Club

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Sophie's astrology is a heartfelt journey into the belief that every moment is a precious gift, waiting to be unwrapped through our choices.

Her work delves deep into the profound, ever-moving tapestry of our cosmic existence, both on a collective and individual level, guiding us to harness the full potential of the opportunities presented to us.

Astrology as a path
to self-discovery

Sophie lovingly embraces the title of 'astrophile,' inviting us to embrace the the symbolic interactions as profound reflections for our daily lives.

She envisions astrology as a key to wisdom, a profound connection to our place in the cosmos, a wonderful tool to support our ongoing evolution.


Through her podcasts, workshops, online courses, and private consultations, Sophie is on a mission to illuminate the path of self-discovery for each and every one of us with the intention of supporting each individual in self-knowledge, for better balance and personal fulfillment.

For Sophie, astrology is a sacred bridge to unlock our hidden potential and resonate with the symphony of our life's journey. It's a call to embody our most radiant and authentic selves, not just for our own sake but also for the world around us.

With simplicity, modernity, and utmost accessibility, Sophie weaves her astrological wisdom with pure joy and boundless enthusiasm.

Unlocking your
radiant self

« Unwrapping your birth chart is a real treat to offer yourself!

Sweetness, precision & deep knowledge of the topic.


The idea is NOT to read the future, but to understand yourself better & become your best friend. »

Marie, Paris

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