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The Zodiac sign series x The White Door Studio, Amsterdam

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Listen to the Zodiac signs series by the Astro Mama

on The White Door Studio website

If you wish to learn more about the archetype of each Zodiac signs,

this Astro Series is for you.

A short audio message for each sign, giving the key elements,

the best assets & more complicated qualities!

In this series, you will understand why it is important to know about all Zodiac signs: we have them all in our birth chart!

In this Astro series, you will learn each month how to be aware of the current astrological energies, defined by the Sign archetype at play.

And of course, how to make the best use of the Zodiac sign of the moment!

If your personal Zodiac sign is not available yet,

a little patience!

It will come up very soon.

The White Door Studio is a beautiful lifestyle space in Amsterdam,

gathering a community of locals & internationals,

opening theme of Yoga , Ayurveda, Art & design,

Meditation & inspiring workshops.

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