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The Astro Mama

I find in Astrology a major source of inspiration in my never-ending quest for meaning.

One of the most powerful tools I have encountered to make sense of what life throws at us.

May it be mundane, amazing or more challenging things.

What does practicing Astrology mean to me?

On a collective level, I believe that using the guidance of the planets & their constant interactions in our skies

allows us to make the most of what is presented to us.

We may then surf the cosmic waves of energies in full awareness of what is favoured at this time.

On a more personal level, Astrology allows us to know ourselves better.

Understanding who we truly are, how we operate, what triggers us, what emulates us.

In the light of our unique planetary placements at birth,

following the transits & how they affect us personally every day.

From my personal path, understanding & accepting ourselves is a major key to fulfilment.

The way to move towards our full potential & life path.

To shine out as our brightest, most honest self. For us & all around us.

That's my intention in sharing Astrology & its wisdom with you.

In a simple, modern, relatable expression.

Always with joy & enthusiasm.

Always through kind & empowering words.

This is the one & only way that makes sense to me.

I hope you will find inspiration & meaning in all of it, as much as I do.


Your experience with the Astro Mama

"I started to be interested in Astrology a few months ago, during a Yoga week end ; it was amazing to listen to Sophie talking about my life in the last months,
despite knowing me, just from my date of birth!

I decided to have my personal chart reading, and was amazed again about how life seems to be written in the stars! It sounds like a song but it is true!

Sophie helped me understanding better my relationship to my family, friends, job, money, life!

I definitely love how Astrology has changed my life.“


—  Amanda, Barcelona —

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