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Nothing happens TO you.
Everything happens FOR you.


If this is your stance on life

(or the one you wish to explore!)

Welcome to the Club.

Welcome to a modern, happy & thorough vision of Astrology,

rooted in a profound faith in life.

Welcome to opening your awareness on what is going UP THERE.

To make the most of what is going on it DOWN HERE.

Welcome to discovering the archetypes & energies of the Cosmos,

as invitations to reflect & evolve,


Welcome to opening up on how Astrology impacts

who we are & how we feel.

My wish is to support you in your search for meaning,

my favorite quest of all.

May The Astro Mama Club be of service

to your unique & magical journey.

Whether you believe in Astrology,

or not yet.

Welcome to the Astro Mama Club.

So, what could the Astro Mama do for you today?

the free 
WhatsApp tribe


Your weekly What'sApp vocal message with the key

Astrology energies.

The perfect start to Astrology.

Getting in the collective flow

to surf it better daily.


Your monthly guidance on
what to expect &
how to make the most of your month!

45 mns podcast




Birth chart reading &

private consultations.

Knowing yourself better,

Understanding yourself better.

Loving yourself better.

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