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Astrology Workshop // Sunday 19th March

A dive into astrology at the White Door Studio in Amsterdam

  • 44 euros

Service Description

SUNDAY 19TH OF MARCH // 3PM TO 5PM AT THE WHITE DOOR STUDIO IN AMSTERDAM Discovering the world of Astrology through the wheel of the Zodiac. Understanding the signs and how to tune in their energy throughout the year. A hands-on Astro workshop to help you dive into the magic wisdom of Astrology. THE WORKSHOP During the 2 hour workshop, Sophie invites you on a journey through the 12 signs of the zodiac and offers the fundamental keys and knowledge to approach astrology. This Astro workshop is designed to be accessible and rich for everyone, whether you have astrology knowledge or not yet. Sophie will guide you through the origins of the Zodiac (a little history explains so much!) before diving into the Zodiac signs and their archetypes and symbolic traits. We will explore the collective themes each sign opens up to our awareness while they are activated in our skies each year. We will discover each cosmic signature through the complementary of each “opposed” signs in our Zodiac: Aries // Libra Taurus // Scorpio Gemini // Sagittarius Cancer // Capricorn Leo // Aquarius Virgo // Pisces We will close the workshop with time for your personal questions THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU IF YOU WISH TO * Get the fundamental keys to astrology * Better understand the people around you through their zodiac signs * Go deeper into your personal journey of self observation and acceptance * Learn how to synchronise with the energy offered by the signs WHAT TO EXPECT You will gain clarity and in depth knowledge of the Zodiac to understand the complexities and essence of the signs. You will have at hands symbolic and practical tools to integrate astrology in your daily life, throughout the cosmic year. You will receive digital key notes of the workshop so you can make the absolute most of your time. In this first workshop of a series to come, we wish to open your awareness on the Astrological resonance between collective and individual energies and the magic Astrology can bring into your life. PERSONAL BIRTH CHART If you sign up at least 1 week before the workshop starts, we will hand out a designed personal birth chart at the beginning of this workshop. That's why we ask for your birth details when you register for the workshop. If you sign up last minute, we will explain how you can create your own personal birth chart.

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